Our Ambassadors

Meet the First Batch of Impactional Ambassadors


Usha Janardhan


Beyond challenging and expanding my perspectives, I believe we can bring about meaningful change. Impactional's goals strongly resonate with me, and I hope to help in their implementation.

Tomáš Foltýn

Ostrava, Czech Republic

I believe that we, human beings living on this planet, are all equal and together can make truly incredible things. I would like to be able to spread this message further and hopefully impact others to understand it - this is the only reason I want to be part of Impactional.


Lola Alanot

Périguex, France

I am really interested into learning about new cultures and meeting new people. Being a part of your team would be an incredible experience!

Michelle Fairman

Frankfurt, Germany

I wanna be part of Impactional because I love cultural diversity and meeting new people from all around the world.


Fathia Fairuza

Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Coming from a small town in Indonesia where we have very minimal exposure to studying abroad, I dedicated myself to advocate for Indonesian students to have the same opportunity to global quality educations. Thus, I want to be a part of Impactional to help give every Indonesian experience an international environment and make possible cross-cultural understanding.

Hayashi Hiroki

Fukuoka, Japan

One day, one of my friends in Indonesia let me know about this wonderful organization and I sympathized with the policy of Impactional. Actually, this is my first time belonging to the international community. I am eager to get acquainted with ambassadors from all over the world and this passion drove me to apply.


Gypsy-Rose Koteka

Aotearoa, New Zealand

I want to join Impactional to connect with others from different cultures and locations worldwide and to gain a better understanding of others perspectives and the way they see life. 


Nelly Machado


I would love to be a part of the Ambassadors Team because I absolutely love my culture and talk about it. I would love to meet people from other cultures and learn with them different things! I believe it would be a fun project where we all embrace each other, which is what our world needs.


Iulia Pukhareva

Tyumenskaya Oblast, Russia

I want to break crosscultural barriers and explore international perspectives in the world. I want to break stereotypes about my country and spread the global opportunities available in Russia. I believe that by being friendly with each other, we can make the world better.

Isra Moussaoui

Monastir, Tunisia

Becoming a part of the Impactional would be an honor for me because I will not only be able to work with youth from my community but with teenagers around the world and be a change maker. I will also be able to represent Tunisia and participate in cultural exchange.