Our Ambassadors

Meet the Second Batch of Impactional Ambassadors


Erin Blond

Queensland, Australia

I would love to be a part of Impactional because it appears to be an incredible opportunity to connect with a wide range of like-minded individuals from across the world, to learn about different cultures and to apply my new knowledge within my local community.

Annemarie Davidová

Ostrava, Czech Republic

I fell in love with the whole concept and the fact that it is entirely done by teenagers with similar mindsets that are trying to spread kindness, knowledge and empower people from all around the world to work together as one is breathtaking. I´m more than grateful that I can share my thoughts, experiences, and my culture with this incredible community.


Nada Elshafey

Cairo, Egypt

Impactional felt like a place to have healthy discussions, exchange knowledge about cultures and become a part of a global community full of successful youth aiming to make the world a better place. That's exactly what I was searching for!

Marilena Sarantakou

Heraklion, Greece

Ever since I discovered Impactional, I wanted to become a part of it. I thought that a youth-driven organization that aspires to change the world, as I do is the best way to quite literally have an impact on this world. Using every person's cultural heritage to connect with others and work towards a better future for everyone, is exactly the kind of spirit I want to be a part of.


Aníta Ósk Arnardóttir

Reykjavik, Iceland

I wanted to join Impactional because I believe it is very important in modern society to see how others live and be aware of the people living in a different or similar environment or culture. Learning and sharing is now much more accessible then it was and we should take advantage of it and use it for good. Showing how we live and young people’s voices around the globe take on the universe. The media can portray cultures and religions in ways that people that are a part of that culture or religion cannot relate to the representation that it is important to learn from perspectives around the world. 

Hazeta Rahmani Wafda

Jakarta, Indonesia

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson
That is my biggest reason to join impactional, That quote always stays in my mind (even i tried to ignore it). I don't want to just develop myself without sharing the entire things that i knew with people, I want to be a part of impactional because there is nothing happiest than making ourselves useful to a lot of people


Anna Maria Mannazzu

Sardinia, Italy

 I want to be a part of impactional because I love sharing my culture and meeting new people. I also think that learning about different cultures helps us to appreciate and value our diversity. 

A2-Italy-Anna Maria.jpeg

Jameel Al-Badrani

Diyala, Iraq

As for why I want to join Impactional is because I want to have a bigger exposure to different cultures and people from different nations and looking forward to connecting with them


Salomé Richaards

Paramibo, Suriname

I am honored to be an Impactional ambassador, because being a part of a global team of young individuals creating mutual understanding between cultures, learning different perspectives and having the opportunity to share my own point of view and that of my country is truly amazing.

Lina Fischer

Zurich, Switzerland

I believe that we are the future generation and we hold the power to do better and accomplish true world peace. I'm confident that with this initiative we can do something for the people in need and help share our culture for people who can't live with them.