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Impactional Ambassador

In line with our mission to gather all of the brightest youths all across the world with the highest potentials, we want YOU to be a part of our Ambassador Team as a representative of your country and to develop an international youth community. We believe that world peace can be attained through multicultural understanding, and this is where we start our commitment! 


aged between 15-22 and not limited to any



committed to the workload of an ambassador for 1 serving term (6 months)


Impactional is all about culture sharing, so we encourage you to be actively involved in this mission!


Impactional is an international organization consisting of people from all over the world with different backgrounds. Respecting others is a must.


Share your culture!

The Impactional Ambassadors are the main characters in our organization! This is the platform where you can share your culture, and it's a place to get to know your country better! You will do an Instagram takeover,
webinar, conferences to people from all over the world!

Monthly meeting!

As an Ambassador we will have monthly meetings with the other selected ambassadors from all over the world! This is the perfect place to make an international connection with other youths from different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures!


We want this good cause to benefit a lot of people from all over the world, so what you will do as an ambassador is promote our organization and our mission to at least people in your country and when your serving term is over you can also recruit other people to replace your position!

What are we going to do as an

Impactional Ambassador?

International Network

You will be connected with the other brightest, most potential youth across the world! This is the community that could help you grow and expand your knowledge about culture and international education

International certificate

You will serve for at least, one serving term (6 months). At the end of your serving term you will earn an International certificate as an Impactional Ambassador and representative of your country!
(this will look really good on your CV/Resume for future college/job application)

Multicultural understanding

With the International Exposure that you will get as an Ambassador , you will learn about the cultural differences that exist in the world and through the multicultural understanding we believe that we can be a community that could work to achieve global peace

Working for a good cause

There are a lot of people out
there who can't experience International education because they didn't get the opportunity nor can afford to go study abroad. Through Impactional, we bring the world to them. Giving them
International exposure first-hand from the natives.

Benefits of being an

Impactional Ambassador!

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