Meet the Board of Directors





Tatjana has always been intrigued by the idea of equalizing opportunity especially in the realms of education and multicultural understanding. Her passion has brought her to Colorado, USA under the KL-YES program in 2019 and she’s been recognized for multiple international award winning, including the presidential community service award for initiating a project to help cancer patients in Indonesia. She was selected as a Leader scholar and President Scholar from several educational institutions including Ithaca College, New York.





Olga is a mission-driven individual and a part of the Yale Young Global Scholars. In 2019 she was selected to represent Poland under the FLEX program to Colorado, USA. Her endless achievements during her exchange year made her the top 10% in the program and she’s an award winner of the nation-wide competition “I know America” held by the US Embassy Warsaw.

Consulting Division

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Director of Consulting


Angelina is from Albuquerque, USA, but currently studying IR and Arabic at American University in Washington DC. She is passionate about education and international exposure, having graduated valedictorian, participated in the YES Abroad program to Indonesia, and participated in and worked as a peer mentor for the Experiment Digital Youth Leadership and Community Service program.

Copywriting Division



Director of Copywriting


Shreya is a talented individual and a psychology student at The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Her endless achievements in the realms of International education has brought her to represent India in the KL YES Program hosted in California. With her outstanding achievements during the program, she also got selected in the Civic education week in Washington DC, USA and completed 100+ volunteering hours, dedicating herself to her community in California.

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Co-Director of Copywriting


Deepanshu is a passion driven individual and his dedication in forming multicultural understanding has brought him to the USA during KL YES program hosted in Iowa. He was selected to represent his country during the Civic Education Week in Washington DC. He was also chosen to represent his country in an eminent hunger fighting organisation, World Food Prize's Global Youth Institute.

Finance Division



Director of Finance

The Philippines

Hanan is a young talented Individual from the Philippines. Her burning passion in intercultural learning has made her to become one of the selected students to represent Philippine for an exchange year through the KL-YES program in 2019 and was hosted in Chicago, USA. Ever since she was a kid, she has been actively involved in a bunch of volunteering activities and community services, learning about other cultures and involving herself in the society. Which creates a sense of multicultural understanding. Now she is currently studying Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in Mindanao State University as a first year student.



Co-Director of Finance


Gesine is an empathetic individual who loves to connect with others. In 2019, she was chosen to be a junior-ambassador representing Germany and strengthening the transatlantic relationship between Germany and the USA. She lived in Chicago, Illinois as an exchange student. This opportunity was to her by the American Congress and the German Bundestag through a program called CBYX. She also took part in the GCC program which teaches its participants how to strengthen relationships and dialogue with people around the globe.  

Creative Division



Creative Director


Fira is from Indonesia and currently in her third year of university. Despite the fact that she is studying English in university, she is a graphic designer. She is the one who designed the logo and is in charge of the visual of Impactional. Fira is a creative and talented person who has always been interested in art, education, self development and exploring opportunities in international exposure. She aspires to make her 20s the best moment of her life.

Marketing Division



Director of Marketing


Allan is a highly-motivated and academically-excelled student. For almost a year, he was given the chance to experience intercultural-learning in the USA through the KL-YES program. After he went home, he decided to build his own platform that aims to spread mental awareness amongst Indonesian teenagers and managed to reach almost 00 people on its campaign. On the international level, he represented Indonesia on a few occasions, such as the ASEAN Youth Interfaith Camp in Jakarta and Civic Education Workshop in Washington DC.

Events Organizing Division

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Director of Events Organizing


Syakira is committed to the promotion and implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) in education. She strives so more youth can get access to quality education, leadership experience, and global learning environment. This passion was fueled by her experience as a KL-YES alumna, where she was also selected to represent Indonesia during the Workshop for Youth Leader in English Teaching. Syakira is currently working hands-on in community development and education initiatives.

Public Relations Division



Director of Public Relations


Kenda is a mission-driven woman who has been worked toward a good cause in so many ways. This leads her to be a part of the KL-YES  program hosted in Washington and since then her passion has led her to tons of achievements and multiple acceptances in the top universities in Indonesia and the US. Her eagerness to promote Indonesian culture as well as cultural understanding made her take part in International Education Week twice, and last year was awarded as YES alumni with the most webinar participants.



Co-Director of Public Relations


Otniel's passion towards culture brought him to the once-in-a-lifetime exhange year in the United States. When he came back to Indonesia knowing that he now has the power to make a change, he started establishing is own platform, KARSA (@kamikarsa), which focuses on promoting Indonesia's culture domestically and internationally.

IT Division



Director of IT


Nahian is a high school student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. His passion for intercultural learning has led him to become part of the Yale Young Global Scholars’ 2021 cohort. He is a firm believer of Impactional’s vision of ‘equalizing opportunity’, which is reflected by his commitment to community work, being involved in both local and international organisations. With his prowess in the field of programming, he will serve as a director of IT Specialities in Impactional.

Manas Garg


Co - Director of IT


An erudite scholar by day and a passionate programmer by night, Manas is an AI researcher, author, mentor, and innovator. Leveraging technology to solve societal problems, he has won multiple awards, scholarships and published researches in International Journals. Along with a strong command of international affairs in his arsenal, he also has a clever thinking and superb oration.and CEO of Machinaa Technology, my tech startup wherein he leverages technology to uplift the society.