Frequently asked questions

How can I become an Impactional Ambassador?

If you want to be a part of our Ambassador team as a representative of your country and to develop an international youth community, fill up the application on our Become an Ambassador page. Deadline : there is no deadline since we want to have more and more country represented, but the earlier you apply, the earlier you’ll be debuted.

How can I connect with Impactional on social media?

Connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or LinkedIn!

How else can I get involved in Impactional’s mission?

Reshare our posts on Instagram, and spread the word about Impactional. Share the organization and our website with your friends as well!

How can I join the Impactional Board Team?

Keep an eye on our social media accounts where we'll post open positions!

What is Impactional?

Impactional is a non-profit, youth organization aimed to become a platform to gather all of the youth across the world and work together in achieving SDGs target 4.7 (celebrating cultural diversity and forming a multicultural understanding), because we believe that world peace can be attained if we understand each other.

What is the age limit?

From the age of 15 to 22. You may apply as long as you’re turning 15 this year. There are several reasons why we have this policy, so if you’re over or below the age limit, we are very sorry that we can’t have you on the team, but you’re welcome to join our events and programs in the future.

There is no limitation whether you're in college or high school or Junior High, as long as you're included in the age range, you may join.

My english is bad, can I apply?

You may apply, but again our selection process is based on meritocracy, especially in some division that requires efficient communicating skill (e.g. marketing, events) we expect the applicant to at least be able to understand and communicate any sort of information effectively with the decent English.

I’m not an exchange alumni, can I apply?

Absolutely, this is an inclusive community and we encourage everyone to take part in this organization. We want everyone to gain international exposure and get connected with people from all over the world. So if you never been abroad, this platform is the perfect place for you!

Can I still join the ambassador program, if my country has been represented before?

Yes! We might have more than one representative per country. But they will work in different batches.

How many people will be accepted in Impactional?

- Board member : depends on the needs of the director, but we do need a lot of people in creative division.
- Ambassador : 10 people per batch, 1 batch : 6 months serving term

I don’t have achievement or experience, can I apply?

You may apply for the board member or ambassador, but again we have selection process for these two, and it’s based on meritocracy. So achievements and prior experience will affect your acceptance in the team. We encourage you guys to join the membership program because there is no selection process and no commitment (details will be released very soon).

Is there an interview for the selection process?

Yes, there will be an interview if you’re selected for the next stage of the selection process so be prepared!

Can I apply for more than one division?

Yes, you may, but at the end of the day, you have to follow the registration procedure (send two or more emails, depends on how many divisions you’re applying for) and you can only get accepted to one division only.

Will you guys have events where everyone can join and volunteer in the future?

Yes, we will and we do need volunteers later on in the future! If you join our membership program you will be the first person to know about our events. So join the membership program once we released the detail!

What will we do, after we got accepted to the board member/ambassador?

Board member : as a governing body we will work together to run this organization and do our program according to our role and division in impactional. The details will be explained during the interview process. Ambassador : You can check our post about the ambassador or check the responisibilities on the Become an Ambassador page.

I go to a boarding school that wouldn’t allow me to regularly attend meetings or actively involved in the organization, can I apply?

You may apply, but again our selection process is based on meritocracy and commitment, so not being able to attend meeting or actively involved might affect your application acceptance.

Is the program free, and should I pay to be a part of Impactional?

It’s free, we don’t make money by charging our members or our participants because we want everyone to have access to this organization regardless of their socio-economic background, gender, race, ethnicity, and so on. But we do accept donations for those who are able to donate! The donation will be allocated to support our organization and gives better facilities and programs to the people out there. Details about donations will be released soon.